Saturday, March 30, 2013

Todays Agenda Is......

     I love weekends!  I stand around the print shop all week doing nothing much in the way of physical labor and then the weekends come and I get to move mountains by hand!....LITERALLY!   Today's project is not too bad......I just need to bust up and remove a concrete slab, dig out a couple trees, move a bed of daffodils and some irises, take off all the weeds and sod from an area and double dig the entire spot to plant asparagus.  There has been 1 asparagus plant growing here since we moved in 20 years ago but since I planted it wrong and its choked with weeds and grass, we have yet to get anything off of it.  This time we are going to make a better job of it and prepare the bed the correct way so maybe in a year or so we can actually EAT some in the spring!

     I decided to post this NOW rather than wait till after I get back in because I have a sneaking hunch that I will be in no condition to post anything.  I'd say that by that time, it will be a soak in the tub, a couple aspirins, and a session with the heating pad!  Having said that, enjoy YOUR day!  Here we go...out the door I head!

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