Saturday, March 2, 2013

Surprise Package!!!!

      A couple weeks ago I had placed an order for printing supplies at work from Mike Weist over at Printers & Duplicators Services out of Nashville.  Besides being a supplier of printing chemicals and equipment, he and his wife Melody also own Double Creek Farm in Lebanon Tennessee where they raise alpacas.  Susie & I have purchased fiber from them in the past and have really enjoyed the quality of their fiber and their knowledge of their animals fiber.  Imagine my surprise when Mike came in with my printing supply order and asked if I had a moment to go out to the truck with him only to be given TWO bags of alpaca fiber!!!!   One is black and the other is a really nice fawn color. I'm now chomping at the bit for some warmer weather so I can get them into the wash tubs on the porch and then out into the warm sun to dry!  We are not sure yet what this fiber will ultimately "become" but I know we are going to enjoy working with it regardless!


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