Friday, March 29, 2013

It's Now Official!

     After waiting for nearly 2 months, the paperwork has finally been completed and all the necessary signatures and notarization's are in place and Robin from the bank has FINALLY been able to call and tell me to come and pick up the deed to the farm.  You would think that by now the giddiness of the situation would have taken hold but the continuing "drama" in our private life has taken much of the joy out of this milestone.  Now that we no longer have an "official" farm payment, the money that had been going for the mortgage is now going into paying the taxes & insurance directly rather than through the bank and the beginnings of rebuilding much of the house due to being unable to afford repairs AND a mortgage.  I'm not sure exactly where the repairs will begin but with all that needs done, it will be a coin toss and away we go!  With the family situation being what it is, putting a massive amount of effort into repairs and remodeling may be a good thing....something "new" to dwell on as we start a new chapter in our life.

     I can also report that the 2013 Pima cotton crop was started in origami pots this past Sunday and in only 3 DAYS, we are already seeing germination!  Now.....if the weather will EVER warm up enough to get the garden worked up, we may be able to get something planted.  In the normal scheme of things in Tennessee, we are able to start turning the garden (I do the whole thing by hand with a fork!) in January.  This year however we have managed to get a whopping 2 days in the garden so far.  Between the colder than normal temperatures and the unusually wet winter, gardening hasn't been an option. I for one am praying that the summer we are about to face is not as hot and dry as last years.......last years summer STUNK!

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