Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Jokes On US!!!

     OK....I have to admit that I was having a little fun with the last posting just to see who was actually reading this blog and so far it appears that one person does.  When I posted that we were "expecting twins" I was actually expecting just 2 of these Russian spindles but low and behold, we ended up with THREE so the post should have read "triplets"!  These spindles were hand crafted for me by Joshua Lynch out of Texas from some flame birch lumber that I had been hoarding for 20 some years.  To say that Joshua did a superb job is a gross understatement!  In my emails with him, he said that this wood was some of the hardest stuff he's ever dealt with but we could not be more happy with what he sent back. So....without further ado let me introduce you to the newest members of our growing spinning family!  (Yes, we are rather like the Duggar family but with wheels and spindles!)

    The three Russian spindles pictured above are Theona, Hepzibah, & Finn.  Having just received them in the mail, I haven't had the time to take them to the shop and put them on the scale to know their weight. Most Russian spindles used to spin Gossamer lace weight need to weigh around 12-15 grams.  I'm pretty sure these will weigh more due to being made from flame birch which is a heavy wood.  The three will add to our growing number of fiber tools that now number (I think!) at 8 wheels and somewhere around 24 spindles.  I hope to one of these days take them ALL outside and make a "family" portrait with them but may need to use a wide angle lens!

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