Friday, April 12, 2013

The Dry Land Fish Are Running In Tennessee!

            After dealing with lots of errands in town today and getting groceries for the first time in several weeks, we decided to go for a short walk and check the end of our water line.  Every time we have a substantial amount of rain, we have to be concerned with rocks, gravel, and other debris either diminishing the amount of flow through our water line or at times even blocking it completely!  After checking and cleaning what little was on the end, we decided to go down in the creek and     transplant some of the spearmint that grows wild up to the house.  While walking down the creek we decided to also pick a big bouquet of wild phlox and that's when we spotted the illustrious dry land fish that folks around here fight over!  While the amount we found will not feed an army, it will most definitely be an added bonus with the next baked potato!  (Thanks Cynde for catching my misspelled word!) Several years ago we found some up the "holler" that measured more than 14 INCHES tall!  (If I can find the pictured we took of them, I will post them!)  I have been accused of Photoshopping the pictures of the monster mushrooms but I can assure you....I don't have the ability or the knowledge to Photoshop ANYTHING!                                                       

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