Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Happy New Year!

  Well, here I am again at the start of a new year with all the intentions of being MUCH more diligent in posting.  Time will tell if I can do this or if the continuing heartbreak we have experienced the past 10 plus months will continue on into the foreseeable future. (I'm not holding my breath since we are still very much subject to others LIFE decisions) At least let me start on a positive note since its the first day of the new year.

   For the past 3 months, Susie & I have been able to "score" what is called a Phat Fiber box.  Phat Fiber is the brainchild of a young couple from Southern Illinois that takes samples of fiber related items from small, independent fiber artist the world over and packages them into boxes for sale. These boxes come in either "fluff" which is spinners goodies.... "stitches" which are for the knitters or "mixed" which has a menagerie of items in both of the other categories. We have gone for the "fluff" box each time since we are more geared to spinning fiber and making our own yarn.  There have been some pretty awesome samples in these boxes! (I might add that the boxes normally sell out LITERALLY in less than 3 SECONDS!)  I attached a picture of one of the samples that Susie's spinning on a Yost drop spindle. The fiber is BFL wool dyed in the colorway called Sea Glass from LMS Studio Arts. 

   We started buying the Phat Fiber boxes as a way to get inspired to get our OWN rears in gear and get Sojourner Studios going in earnest rather just in "theory". I really hope that in the near future I will be able to show pictures on this blog of some of OUR items that have been included in future Phat Fiber boxes.





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