Sunday, January 20, 2013

Finally Some Good News!


  For anyone that follows Dave Ramsey and his teaching through Financial Peace University, his lead in line of  "...where the paid off home mortgage has replaced the BMW as the status symbol of choice".... you'll understand our excitement when we say that as of last Friday our farm is PAID OFF!  I'm not sure the reality of it has soaked in as of yet. Maybe it's because of  all the repairs and work that needs done here or the continued pain and trials of our family situation over the past year but I really expected to be a lot more "giddy" over knowing that the place was now ours.  With all the uncertainty in both the economy and the state of the nation as a whole, we felt it was time to take the plunge and use our emergency fund to pay the place off and then start building the emergency fund back up. Earning 50% less now than I did a few short years ago has made ANY advancements an unbelievable ordeal but GOD is good when we are faithful in the little things....and believe income falls in the "little things" category!

     On another high note, our Aland wool from Finland arrived on Friday and I will be taking pictures of it to post on here in the next day or two.  It is some REALLY nice looking fleece and Susie and I are looking forward to working with this new to us wool. Stay tuned!

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