Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 Comes To An End.......


     To say that this year has been an almighty trial would be like saying the ocean is wet!  I won't go into details right now about all that we have had to deal with but I can honestly say that if not for the Grace of God we wouldn't be here right now.  Susie is the proverbial optimist and even SHE is having a harder than normal time staying positive. (She sees the glass half full while I on the other hand not only see it half  EMPTY but filled with something I didn't order!)  I would like to think that this years ordeal has made me a stronger person but that's yet to be seen. One thing I HAVE learned is that regardless of the hopes and dreams and goals we have, other peoples matter how ill conceived or un-thought through they may be....still have a dramatic effect on us.  I had started this year with what now seems to be "lofty" ambitions and goals only to now be sitting here at the end of the year both wondering where the year went and praying for my next breath.  At the core of everything, Susie and I still CLING to the fact that GOD is still GOD and that nothing we face takes Him by surprise and as HIS Word says, "He will NEVER leave us or forsake us" so maybe I will just be glad for my half EMPTY glass regardless as to whats inside and face tomorrow in His strength.

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