Saturday, September 17, 2011

FINALLY Another Posting!

I have really been meaning to post on here for over a month but, as usual, life just seems to move faster than I am able at times to keep up with. Like most of the nation, we have had to deal with a lot of bizarre weather this summer. This has been some of the hottest, driest weather I can remember since moving to Tennessee and I'd say the closest our spring had EVER come to running dry! Prior to some rain that we got September 4th, we hadn't had a drop in over 9 weeks! This was also one of the first times I've seen it so dry we weren't even getting any dew in the mornings. The plus side to this was that until this week, I hadn't had to mow our 4 plus acres in 2 months (which was fine with me). The problem was that the cotton, along with all the other vegetables in the garden, came close to dying. With the spring down to a trickle, we had to carry water to each individual plant in a watering can just to keep things alive. The growing delay means that we are just NOW getting tomatoes and peppers and while the cotton is looking really good, I'm going to have to pray that they develop mature bolls before frost. Since I still have never figured out how to add multiple pictures to this blog, I will be posting several more times today as I attempt to bring it up to date with whats going on. As you can see, the cotton is looking much better than back in July when I posted a picture of it before. Stay tuned for another update in a moment!

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