Saturday, September 17, 2011

Cotton Bolls

Proof that our Pima cotton is growing and producing bolls. If the weather holds out, the next step in the process will be the bolls opening to reveal the white Pima fibers inside. The problem we usually have is the weather turns cold and we have to attempt to cover the rows to give the plants every day of growing possible. What we HAVE learned though is that unless the fiber matures ON the plant, they don't develop completely and the fiber strength is severely compromised. In years past, we usually wait till the plants can't survive any longer outside, then cut the woody branches, remove the leaves, and bring them into the house to hang and dry. The "thought" was that they would continue to somewhat develop but after ginning all the brown and green cotton from last year, I think that what doesn't fully mature, isn't worth the effort. (But that's just MY opinion!)

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