Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year and Good Ridance to 2009!

As the new year starts, I for one PRAY that 2010 turns out to be a more "peaceful" year than 2009. We seemed to run from one catastrophe to another the whole year with the past couple months being the "icing on the cake". As we start the new year, we are dealing with a car that has a bad engine due to "routine maintenance" and wondering where the money is going to come from to either rebuild a car that's technically not worth rebuilding or purchasing another vehicle. Several years ago we got turned on to Dave Ramsey and after following his advise, we are living completely debt free other than the farm....which will be paid off in less than 4 years. Getting out of debt is a wonderful feeling so even the THOUGHT of going back INTO debt stinks and ISN'T going to happen! Stay tuned for the continuing saga of the KIA!

On a fiber note, Susie finished a pair of socks for our daughter that we have owed her for a long time. They are handspun out of Finn wool in both white and gray. (Trust me, it is gray even though my photography makes them look brown!) We gave them to Emily on New Years Day when we had the family out to celebrate our Christmas. Emily took them from Susie's hands and put them on and LEFT them on! She said it was nice to FINALLY have warm feet! Now that this project is off the needles, I need to make sure Susie finishes a miniature Tinker Bell stocking that's also for Emily. I'm looking forward to posting that was knit using embroidery thread that she unplied so it could be knit with just 2 strands! (I'm always amazed at her patience!)

We also recently purchased another spinning wheel for our "arsenal"! I took my Christmas bonus from one of my jobs and bought an Ashford Country Spinner....which we have been after for a number of years! It is being shipped from Alaska so we are waiting with baited breath for a call from our local post office telling us it's there and ready to be picked up. I can hardly wait!

I guess in retrospect, the last few weeks have been "tolerable" but I kid you not when I say I'm praying for a year without some of the issues we have had to walk through in the past year! Here's to a Blessed 2010 and Susie and I pray that your barns are full and your animals warm and happy and may your drive band never break and you never drop a stitch!

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