Sunday, January 31, 2010

Fairy Stocking!

Well, even though we have been in the death grip of the "killer blizzard" of 2010, we still managed to not only get our daughter Emily's miniature Fairy Stocking completed, but we also managed to get out in the snow and use it as a backdrop to take pictures of it! I will never cease to be amazed at Susie's patience (AND her eyesight!) when working on small projects like this. She took embroidery floss and unraveled it so she could use just 2 STRANDS of green and 1 of silver, then knitted the stocking with #0000 needles. The picture doesn't really show the small size but the overall length from the angora trim...which Susie spun from our angora rabbit the toe is just 2.375"! The length from heel to toe is a little under 1". What can I say? Susie's talent with fiber and knitting always humbles my attempts on the wheel or with needles!

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