Sunday, March 15, 2009

Lace weight Alpaca

What can I say? I realize that it's because Susie has been spinning for a lot more time than I have but I'm still rather jealous when she seems to effortlessly whip out MILES of lace weight yarn while I'm still making "rope". (Actually my spinning isn't THAT bad but compared to hers it's rather pathetic!) This black Alpaca was purchased from the Greencastle Indiana festival last year and Susie has been spinning it very fine and plans to knit it into a lace shawl.....for HERSELF! We will be heading north to Greencastle again in just a few weeks and I've already made connections with several of our vendors who are already holding fleeces for us. If I can figure out the camera, I will take it with us and get some shots of the festival and those breeders who keep us up to our armpits in fleece. (Last year I came home with 10 fleeces and an assortment of other fibers that I just couldn't pass up!)

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