Saturday, April 4, 2009

Our First Clam Shell Box!

We recently completed our first clam shell box to house a book project we worked on as a group with the Tennessee Book Arts Guild. (Actually there were a LOT more that started this project than finished it!) The choice was made to make an accordion book with each of the members contributing a printed page demonstrating their art "forte". Once the pages were shared with each member and bound, our good friend John Smith began the task of teaching us how to make the box. Making a clam shell box was something that we had wanted to learn how to do for a LONG time so Susie and I were delighted to finally be able to try our hand at this. What we didn't realize was the amount of extremely detailed measuring and cutting that is required to make one of these WELL and that FITS. (Out of over 20 people that started this project, I think the final count of actual boxes made stands at 3) John put a LOT of work into his instructions and while my end result does fit well, it has a number of things that I'm not happy with but for a first attempt, it's not bad! (Now we just have to find a place to start working on the second box to house Susie's book and I'm sure that one will turn out much better!)

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