Saturday, March 26, 2011

With the growing season bearing down on us, we decided early on that this year we were going to try our hand again at white Pima cotton. A number of years ago we raised Pima and a small amount of brown cotton and after planting all colored cotton last year, thought we would try our hand with white this time. One of the biggest problems we have faced in the past is finding enough peat pots to plant all the cotton seed since cotton does NOT take to transplanting well at all. This year we are going to try this Pot Maker which uses strips of newspaper to make planting cells. In theory it sounds like a good idea but time will tell! I spent some time today with the paper cutter from our bookbinding tools making 3.5" x 12" strips of newspaper and rolling them into cute little planting pots and filling up 4 flats.....3 of white Pima and 1 flat of some very old DARK brown seeds from the first planting we did years ago. We have no idea if the brown will even germinate but we are praying that at least a few of them will since the color was so very much darker and intense a brown than either of the ones we grew last year.

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