Saturday, March 26, 2011


Here we are at the end of March and I THINK we may finally be seeing some signs of spring around the hills of Tennessee. I really don't care what "they" say about this winter being was NOT in this part of the country so phooey on the global warming crud. It's been some time since I posted and even longer since I emailed those few people that are considered "friends". I find it increasingly hard to put a positive spin on all the crud going on in our lives here at the farm and at work so rather than just keep passing on depressing news, I've gone silent instead. Today, however, Susie and I did spend the day getting the years cotton planted in flats so maybe getting outside and doing some work soon will help with the attitude problems that I'm having. As soon as I get the pictures shot of the flats, I will post them as well. We are really wanting to keep better notes this year on the cotton progress and outcome and PRAYING that we will not have to deal with floods again this year like we did last!

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