Saturday, October 23, 2010

That time of the year.

We have arrived at that time of the year again when we have to go pick the Muscadine grapes before the crows and deer beat us to them. While the colored cotton is still growing and producing well, it is behind a 8 foot high fence while the grapes are in the middle of the yard and rather unprotected. This is the 3rd year that the grapes have produced and we are now up to our eyeballs with grapes! I need to make a trip to town SOON and get the "fixings" to convert about 50-60 pounds of these into a distinctive wine that can only be made with this variety of grapes. While not a wine drinker myself, I have tasted the Muscadine wine and it is very sweet....unless you try to drink it with cake and ice cream....which in that case it's more of a sugar overload!

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