Saturday, October 23, 2010

Steroidial Skein!

As promised, here is the "mighty skein" that came off the Ashford Country Spinner. Once is was washed and dried I took it to work and weighed it on the digital scale and was surprised to find that it weighed in a 2.678 POUNDS! That's actually more than even Ashford advertises the bobbin will hold! My first purchase of this roving was 29 pounds so if the math hold true, Susie will be able to do 9.83 more skeins! Our next step with this will be to divide this finished skein and do a dye project. After we have it dyed, we will give it a try for the project it's intended for (which I haven't yet mentioned on here!) and if it works as well as I expect it to, I'll chain Susie back to her wheel and watch her spin the other 26+ pounds....then order another 29 pound bump. I LOVE having a reason to buy wool!

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