Sunday, July 6, 2014

Tour De Fleece Is Underway!

     Tour De Fleece 2014 is underway and today is day two of the "competition".  Susie is OFFICIALLY a member of Team Ashford, Team Caffeinated, and Team Peloton so she has her work cut out for her, having to spin EVERY day that the tour runs.  I myself am her "pit crew"...making sure that she gets her spinning time in, that she gets copious pictures taken of her progress, and figuring out how to post said pictures on Ravelry.  So far she has managed to get more spinning time in that I had expected and we are both in hopes that after spinning daily for close to a month, the "habit" of spinning will once again be set and we will get some of the mountain of fiber that I have stockpiled converted into yarn...then into a finished object!

     We are STILL in dire need of rain, having had none to speak of for close to 2 months.  Both the plants and MY stress level are taking a major hit with the dry and hot weather.

     I am UNOFFICIALLY not running in the TDF but am trying to work on something fibery everyday as well.  I have been processing a number of raw alpaca fleeces for Mike & Melody Weist and while I've been baking what little brains I have out by standing out in the field in the sun I do find this sort of work more enjoyable than what I do most of the week.  Here's proof that I DO actually do something around here!

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