Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Still Breathing in Tennessee

      You know, we started this blog several years ago to share with everyone our lives revolving around print, wood, and fiber but looking back, I see that more often than not what it's become is a "recitation" of problems we face.  Considering that there are MAYBE 3 people that read this blog, I should be glad that in this day and age, talking to yourself is considered "social media".... after all several generations ago they would "confine" you for talking to yourself.

     Seeing that we are already 3 months into this year and this is the first post speaks volumes as to what we have been going through.  One thing that has been made all too apparent the past few years is how our life's goals and dreams have changed (aka been shattered) not so much by a change in direction on our part but by the actions and mistakes of those around us.  Maybe I have led a sheltered life but before this period of time, I would have NEVER guessed that so much pain could be projected onto you by what others decide to do (or not do) and what someone may say (or not say) but the one thing that has been made ABUNDANTLY clear is that accepting or rejecting this pain is a CHOICE we each make daily.  I'd love to say that  I have this down cold but I don't and I have struggled daily with family relationships that I THOUGHT were rock solid that are now just on the rocks.  We are closing in on a year and a half without seeing our grandchildren...and NOT by our choice. We have no idea where they are, how they are doing, if they remember us, what they are being told about our "disappearance" or anything else about their lives. We have no idea how Liberty is doing with her children's diabetes, if Lily is still knitting or if Joshua has ever learned to use a hammer and saw like he wanted to. One thing I CAN say is that there is not a day that goes by that we are not in intercession for these three beautiful children and we pray for the restoration of our Godly inheritance.

     Work continues to be a trial and I have actually taken steps to change careers after 33 years in the printing trade.  I feel like the old letterpress craftsman and the Linotype operators that were replaced by offset lithography and photo-typesetting.  I've seen this trade change so much over the years that I hardly recognize it anymore. I wish I could share what I have in the works but at least for the present, I'm going to play this pretty close to the vest.  As things develop I will share more......along with trying to get back to the point of this blog in the first place and that being "talking" about print, wood and fiber.  (I promise!)

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