Sunday, February 3, 2013

Praying For Better Times!

     As we came in from scouting out more firewood this afternoon, Susie reminded me that it was that time of year to start our cotton plants.  For me it's hard to imagine that we've arrived at this point again since last years crop was SUCH a bountiful seen in the picture of our 2012 Pima cotton yield.  Actually this really is just a Q-tip but you get the idea!  With last years heat and drought I think the grand total of developing bolls was either 3 or was SOOOOO many I couldn't count!  I think this year we are going to plant only white Pima again but if I can find an area away from the main planting, I would really like to plant more of the colored cotton.  It could have been just the difference in the growing season but the green & brown cotton we planted a couple years ago did much better than the white.  Once again I am also reminded that the growing frame that I promised Susie several years ago is still in the wood shop in pieces so that is going to have to be the next project I face.

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