Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Still Alive....But Just Barely!

     I see that this has been a much longer time between postings than I had EVER imagined it would be. I had INTENDED to start the new year out on the right foot and make at least one post a week but things have transpired that has made that impossible. Since the beginning of the year life has dealt us wave after wave of troubles that I never imagined that we would be facing. We lost one of our grand kids, our son was falsely charged with domestic assault and thrown in jail, (he has since been cleared of all charges and we are having his record expunged), we have seen more of the inside of the jail and court room than I had EVER wanted to see in a million lifetimes, we have been supporting him as he goes through a divorce and has been denied the chance to see his kids, and we have not been allowed to see them ourselves since late January. This has been the most intense and trying time I think we have faced in over 30 years of marriage but GOD is still faithful and on the matter what happens to us! At least in this I can take comfort.

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