Sunday, August 22, 2010

Long Time, No Post!

I see that it's been MONTHS since I have posted on here! It reminds me of the admonition I had growing up, "If you don't have something nice to say, then don't say anything at all!"....thus a large reason for the silence. Besides the non stop problems that we have faced this entire year, it seems that "mother nature" (that comments for all my LL friends!) is bent on killing us off! We survived through the floods in May....have been dealing with UNBELIEVABLE heat and humidity...dealt with a tornado that tore the farm up and now this last week dealt with more flooding. It's beyond bizarre especially since our families up in Illinois have been largely dealing with drought! The mowing has been a non stop challenge since Susie hurt her foot chasing the grand kids and couldn't mow and every time I try to mow, I am either rained out or have to mow so carefully due to the heat index, I barely get it done before it's time to start again! As I type this posting, we are without water, which in itself is rather ironic due to all the rain we've had. Something is amiss with the pump and so we are waiting for a plumber to come out in the morning to check things out and see if he can get it going again. He thinks it may only be a pressure switch which would be an answer to prayer due to not really wanting to replace the pump at this time. My second job has come to an end with the company filing bankruptcy for protection so we are down to just a single income that hasn't seen an increase in over 5 years....not to mention no over time in over 2 years! All in all life has been a real challenge this year!

On a positive note, we are the proud owners of our 8th spinning Ashford Country Spinner! We had wanted one for a LONG time and found one back at the beginning of the year from a gal in Alaska. It was shipped to us fully assembled but was broken during shipping down here. Since I had to take it apart to fix the wheel, we decided to take it ALL the way apart and sand and finish each piece individually which took longer than I expected but the end result was worth the wait! Our cat Mithril is seen modeling with it and the picture doesn't do the wheel justice! Seeing the finished piece, we wish now we had taken this much time and effort with several of our other wheels! Once we get the water running again and the weather cools down some (Like maybe DECEMBER!) I want to get all 8 wheels out and get a "group shot" of them all...Id like to see them all together in a "family" photo!

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