Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Continuing Saga of the Matching Gray Sweaters!

So....what do you do in Tennessee in the middle of November when the weather is sunny and the temperatures are warm? You grab one of the bags of wool that needs skirting and dive in to your armpits! This is one of the two fleeces we purchased out of Michigan and was the first chance I had had to even look at it other than in the bag it came in. The wool is from a mixed breed ewe and I am sure PRAYING that it scours out more gray than the picture shows....otherwise I think it will end up getting used for something other than the matching sweater project. (I also think I will be posting updates on this project for a LOOOONG time before Susie and I are actually seen in the sweaters!)

I will be finishing the picking of the second Princess Di fleece this weekend and plan to start right into her first fleece without taking a break. Once both of her fleeces are picked, I still face the other Shetland fleece from SAFF, 2 bags of alpaca from the Corydon festival, and 17 pounds of mixed breed wool from Michigan ....not to mention I would like to also add some silver alpaca top that we bought a year ago and some gray mohair....assuming I can find some the right color! Once all this is processed individually, I will weigh each out separately and start the math process for deciding the blending ratios and finally the carding process. Once that's done, then I get to hand it off to Susie for the spinning and knitting! (I wonder what I can get myself into with the combs, carder, and picker while she's spinning close to 40 pounds of fiber and knitting our sweaters? The potential boggles the mind!)

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