Friday, August 14, 2009

Home again!

It seems the older I get the more road trips take out of me! Susie and I just returned from a trip to Rockford Illinois for a family reunion and managed to pick up a really sweet loom while we were there. Her sister had seen an ad in the Champaign/Urbana paper for a small loom for sale in Farmer City and so we managed to purchase it sight unseen (well....we DID get some emailed pictures!) and picked it up last weekend. I haven't been able to find any markings on it ANYWHERE to indicate the make but it's a nice little 24", 4 harness, 6 treadle loom with a sectional warp beam that needs a lot of screws replaced and some minor clean up and it should be as good as new. I was impressed that the reed was a lot finer than I figured it would's a 15 dent....and it shows very little wear and tear. Years ago I fell in love with the weaving pattern called Ancient Rose and it requires a 6 treadle tie up so this loom should FINALLY allow us to actually try this weave pattern! I will post pictured of "her" as soon as I can get them taken and hopefully one of these days, we can find out a little more about it's make and history. For right now though, all I can do is TRY to get caught up with the mowing! (You would think you could leave for a couple of days without the grass growing 14" but apparently you can't in Tennessee!)

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